Welcome to Amor En Beauty, formerly known as Amor En Cosmetics!!! My name is Tiffany McRae owner and creator of the brand. We launched on May 11, 2013 in New York and are now based in Atlanta Georgia. 


Why the name change? Amor En Beauty was the original name before I decided on Amor En Cosmetics. I personally feel beauty is more than makeup, it's what an individual feels about themselves. Makeup comes off, but your true beauty will always remain and that comes from within. 


The  meaning of "Amor En" is "Love Within". Our products are of high quality and are designed to compliment every individual. Yes Amor En provides nothing, but excellence. Our motto is "True beauty starts from the love within".  Through my brand I want to reach those who have low self esteem and insecurities about themselves. Promoting self love is the key to true beauty. Yes wear Amor En, but don't let the products wear you.  Stand up & stand out!!!


My love for makeup started from watching all the beauty gurus on Youtube. Buying everything they suggested from drug store brands to more high end brands of makeup. From there I decided to do a few beauty videos of my own and practicing doing makeup looks on anyone who would allow me. My new found love turned into a passion for the artistry part of makeup. Joining forces with one of the best photographers based in New York Alicia Taylor owner of Artiise Photography, I was able to book gigs and showcase my skills in a more professional way.


Still not satisfied I talked with my parents about creating my own makeup line one day. Now that time has come and what was once my dream is now my reality. With that said I want to thank everyone who has supported the pursuit of my dream & my reality which is Amor En Beauty.


                              "True beauty starts from the love within"