Is our 2021 Valentine’s Day Collection. Inspired by a classic movie that showcases a Beautiful Black Love story named “Love Jones”.

Not only is February the month of Love, but it’s also Black History Month. There’s no better way than to celebrate our culture/history with Love. However, this collection has a twist.

This collection is dedicated to Black Love, but not only for Black couples, but Black Love overall.Self Love, Parental Love, Friendship Love, Mentor Love, Family Love etc


This collection features a soap scrub bar, foaming a bath scrub, a massage candle & a traditional candle.



"Rose" - A coconut milk soap scrub bar. This bath bar is made with coconut milk, sugar & infused with real Roses. The perfect combination of a bath bar & exfoliant.  

"Love Jones" - A creamy foaming body scrub infused with real roses & nourishing ingredients for your body. 



"Love Jones" - A massage oil candle, infused with body butters, coconut oil and made with our skin safe coconut-soy wax. This candle contains 2 Rose Quartz stones. Rose Quartz has great healing properties, but very popular for manifesting Love.


"Turn Off The Lights" - This candle is already apart of our collection, but it fit just perfectly for this Love Jones collection.