Hey Queens! It's Leesh The Chakra Queen! I am super excited that Amor En Beauty Chose me to collaborate on this collection. Not only am I obsessed with the products from this brand, but her brand stands for everything I truly believe in. Amor En's motto is "True beauty starts from the love within" which can be directly associated with balancing your Chakras.

Based on hindu beliefs there are 7 Chakras; Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart, Throat, Third eye, and Crown. These Chakras are spinning energy points or wheels within your body that help you stay connected to earth and the divine source through your physical body. Amor En Beauty and I have created a collection that will not only make you look beautiful but help you feel beautiful, balanced and aligned all at the same time. I truly hope you love this collection and become just as obsessed as I am with balancing your Chakras.